The Seeking

A Horrible Discovery

The team spent a nervous night holed up in the room, though the wards provided by Geran’s “Wizard’s Curtain” and “Silence” spells gave them extra layers of protection, suppressing any noises they might make and disguising their presence in the room.

Throughout the night the party heard the sounds of footsteps, dragging and scraping, and occasional muffled muttering. Each watch in turn heard similar noises, only interrupted during Esry’s watch by the intrusion of none other than Delos himself, whose face was wrapped and eyes were haggard. The wards held however, and Delos closed the door and turned away, leaving the party to the rest of their anxious night.

After their rest, as the party prepared to venture out, they heard the sounds of slamming doors throughout the complex. Concluding the inhabitants were done dealing with the bodies and were now searching for them, the adventurers steeled themselves for battle, only to hear a knock on the door. It was Delos, looking much refreshed, and groping his way through the illusions that Geran had cast. It didn’t take long for Delos to discover himself surrounded by the party and grappled by Frey.

Delos explained that the wards had fooled him the first time, but process of elimination had led him back to them. He offered to lead the party past the patrols and searches. When asked why he would help them, his only response was, “Consider it the dying wish of a dead man.” The group made their escape, trailing through hallways and avoiding Custodians and Gladiators as well as an ominous column before getting to the exit. Before they could make their escape, however, a patrol nearly discovered them and they had to duck into a room while Delos attempted to deflect the search.

There they made a horrible discovery: three beheaded bodies hanging from meat hooks, one charred beyond recognition, the other two skinned and flayed like some macabre preparation. Closer inspection by Gamlock and Geran revealed bite marks on the blackened charred flesh, and when Geran reached to touch it the material crumbled into blackened dust, revealing bones made entirely from gold. At this point Delos returned, and though Frey threatened him and the others begged for an explanation he refused. The party made their escape and returned to their house.

Once there the party set to processing the events of the past few days. Esry, Daman, Geran, and Frey remained at the house practicing skills and sampling notagranate wine (dated a few years into the future) while Harkin wandered off to unwind. Suspicious, Gamlock followed, discovering a wake of carnage: bloodied noses, bashed skulls, and damaged property. He finally caught up to the fighter in the midst of destroying a bar, initiating a confrontation.

Harkin, enraged by the villagers’ complicity in the deaths of the combatants, was smashing a patron into – well, through – a table and demolishing the bar. Gamlock confronted him, using the full might of his blazing mordenkrad to get him talking.



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