The Seeking

Of Wings and Worms

The party sticks around Morenor long enough to see the last effects of the Hierophant Malvoran’s handiwork dissolve into dust and sand. The palace melted and collapsed into a heap of sand as the gold from their activity likewise dissolved. Some of the merchants were driven to fighting as they realized their payouts were now literally turned to dust, but most looked on in stupefaction. A few gave measuring looks at the party, but wisely decided that anyone that could do that to lifelong immortal warriors is probably not someone to tangle with.

Having left the town, they make camp some distance into the desert. Frey shares a special moment with Geran off on a private dune, showing a ritual to Selene that grants Frey wings. Meanwhile, the rest of the party realizes that their message-box has been inoperable for some time and they are weeks late on their correspondence with their lawyer. Gamlock reads through them quickly to discover Noam’s increasing frustration and concern about their absence, and the missing wealth stolen by Solessa. He then performs his ritual fire gazing, seeing a ring of darkness surrounding two figures.

They discover to their horror that it’s the present his vision is depicting, and the party is beset by a gigantic Purple Worm and a swarm of carrion crawler hatchlings. The adventurers had been separated due to privacy and scouting, and had to fight their way through the hatchlings while Geran and Frey tried to fend off the Purple Worm in the darkness. Frey used her newly-grown wings to wrench herself free, while Geran had to suffer the full brunt of the worm’s mastication. After a brutal assault by Frey the worm retreated underground, and Daman and Frey went to help Esry and Harkin with the hatchlings.

It proved to be a fatal move, as the worm emerged to attack Geran once again, erupting in a shower of earth and teeth.



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