The Seeking

The Avalanche

The party awakened after a night of revelry slightly hungover but not much worse for wear. Bargar woke them with his trademark booming knock and booming voice and told them today is his day in the arena. They shook off their headaches and watched the opening with a mix of trepidation and resignation.

Delos emerged as the Champion of the day (to Esry’s dispmay) as Bargar dug in and prepared for his battle to the death. The warriors circled each other before Bargar lunged to make the first attack. Delos countered with a dizzying series of slashes, and Bargar was quickly bloodied. He charged Delos, smashing two of the columns, but his attacks were only marginally effective. Realizing this, Bargar went into a defensive stance to fend off the Champion with his superior reach. In counter to this, Delos unleashed a torrent of magical energy through his blade that left Bargar’s muscles spasming.

In the end, Delos was too much for the Avalanche, and Bargar fell to his knees, defeated. As the crowd cheered in anticipation of the final blow, Gamlock unleashed a spell transporting Bargar to safety just as the blade went through where his neck would be. Almost as if that was the signal, several of the Champions revealed themselves in the crowd or burst out from the golden doors, along with a phalanx of Custodians and a new, decrepit-looking mage.

The party elected to flee, directing Bargar to lead their enemies away (after some patching up by Gamlock) while they took to the worm tunnels and infiltrated the palace once more. The palace was deserted, confirming their instincts, which the party used to their advantage to loot Angbar’s lavishly appointed room. The palace was quiet, at least until Daman found a treasure room and took a magical sword from the pile. The action unleashed a magical treasure golem that eventually exploded into expensive shrapnel; the party took the sword and ran.

As we left the session the adventurers were going to the second level even as they heard the sound of pursuing footsteps…



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