The Seeking

Worm Food

Geran fights off the worm as best he can, but the gigantic maw of the sand creature engulfs him, swallowing him whole, leaving him fighting the worm from the inside. With Harkin and Frey caught going toe to toe with a swarm of carrion crawlers each, Daman decides that he will have better luck piercing through the worm’s insides rather than trying to crack through its hard exoskeleton. The next time the worm lashes out at him, Daman willingly gets swallowed up by the creature, slashing and fighting at the worm’s vulnerable innards to try and bring the sand monster down.

Eventually, the worm gets slashed open and falls, leaking ichor and muck over the floor of the collapsed cave. Geran, having been rendered unconscious from the vicious worm’s attacks as well as its corrosive digestive acids, is stabilized and brought around. He lashes out at Frey initially, pleading that he doesn’t need to be protected, and laments that he appears to be a sort of weak link of the party. He is, however, quickly assured otherwise by the group.

Geran did, however, find a bundle of what appeared to be the possessions of an unfortunate victim of the worm, including some alchemical items and, much to Gamlock’s dismay, vestments indicative of someone of high ranking in his order. The dwarf expresses hesitation in keeping the personal affects of the deceased cleric, but determines that rather than leave it behind for someone else to find, that he should keep them and try and return them to his temple as soon as he can.

Venturing out of the collapsed cavern, the party heads to Fallcrest, finding out the city is in good standing, having prospered rather nicely since they’d last been. Meeting up with Noam, their legal counsel, they inform him that the large sums of missing money is due to the work of Solessa din Taaros via the letter left to Geran by Solessa. They are told that some of their gems have been sold off to pay debts, but the gnome has generally done a good job of managing their finances.

Now back in their home base of operations, the party must decide what direction to go next in their search for the Philosopher’s Stone.



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