The Seeking

House Crashing

The party returned to the palace, trying to figure out the gladiators’ secrets. After infiltrating the building through the arena entrance they sneaked past several doors holding sleeping occupants. After momentarily splitting up, they reunited only to be discovered by one of the gladiators. They dispatched, only to alert one of the the gorilla-like Custodians, who went on to awaken more of its compatriots. Holed up in an office with the body of the slain gladiator, they avoided detection only through the quick use of the door’s lock by Harkin.

Venturing forth once more, they ambushed a few more Custodians, passed by a room full of treasure, only to disturb a pair of blademasters training. Bunched up in the hallway, they were unable to contain the threat, and one of the blademasters escaped Geran’s Written in Fire. After a fierce melee the second likewise escaped, but not before being heavily bloodied, temporarily blinding Frey, and using a smoke bomb to mask his escape.

The party chased after them, only to open a room filled with blademasters, gladiators, and custodians. Until next week…

The Palace Tour
Lack of Insight

The party continued their exploration of the palace, finding rooms of incredible wealth but curiously disused. Their secretive advance in the darkness almost met disaster when Esry knocked a glass wall sconce from its pedestal, but her quick reflexes saved them from drawing attention.

Moments later they heard voices and footsteps as the light of lanterns grew steadily down the hallway. They hastily retreated to the spotless and unused kitchen, leaving the door slightly cracked to overhear the conversation. Over the tread of many feet, two voices discussed their distaste for their situation, the apparent diversion of a disaster by Delos, and an infestation of Carrion Crawlers as the group passed by the hidden adventurers.

Appropriately enough, it was at this moment that the voices discovered that Crawlers had broken into the dining room the party had first entered. Taking advantage of the distraction, they hastily made their way through the occupied portions of the palace, defusing magical alarms and traps, avoiding detection by guards and inhabitants, and finally unlocking an external door into the arena itself.

Despite all probability the party escaped undetected and unnoticed, and with the help of teleports or ephemeral wings vanished out of the pit and into the city. Once home, they were visited by Bargar and a guest, the old man Drage. Drage seemed to have realized that they were here for more than gold and assumed it was glory or immortality that they sought. He outlined a plan by which he would see the party’s method of combat in exchange for tips on how to combat the champions, the implication being that he could use those tips to his advantage when they inevitably became champions themselves.

They agreed to meet two days hence to fight a battle he had prepared for them as a demonstration and test of their skills. In the meantime, Gamlock expressed frustration that they had worked so hard to enter the palace only to leave it without discovering what they wished, and pushed for them to return to the palace immediately to uncover its secrets…

Comments: A hilarious string of absurdly low insight checks, followed by maximumized Aid Another rolls. Characters with +20 rolled 1s and 2s, then another character would roll a 20 on the roll to aid.

January 6, 2013
Feckin Worms

Exploring the ruins of a collapsed section of the palace in Morenor, the party encountered a hive of Carrion Crawlers and their hatchlings, a veritable swarm of poisonous worms of all shapes and sizes. Harkin managed to miss most of them, aggravating them to the point where Gamlock came to his rescue the dwarf ended up taking most of the hurt. In the end, the party smashed, sliced, or (the most effective option) incineration blasted the crawlers to pieces.

In the aftermath, Gamlock and his dwarven stonesense felt a small breeze in one of the antechambers of the collapsed wing of the palace, leading to a secret passage. After exploring it, avoiding a few traps and discovering more hidden ways, the party found its way into the palace. The rooms they explored have been thus far clean but empty, and Esry discovered the entire place was suffused with magic, seemingly bound to the gold that made up its construction.


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