Race: 1/2 Human 1/2 Elf
Class: Voice of Thunder Bard (Level 13)
Age: ?
Gender: F
Height: ?

Weight: ???
Hair: Reddish-Brown
Eyes: Grey
Skin: Tanned/Fair
Languages: Common, Elven, Draconic

Esry is a fairly carefree half-elf bard. Her instrument of choice is a mandolin. She has reddish-brown hair and grey eyes. She is generally cheerful and good-natured. Esry tries to avoid armed conflict whenever possible and usually ends up being the negotiator/diplomat when dealing with people outside the party. She also tries to mitigate Harkin’s damage to their party’s reputation.

Her father was a wandering elven bard who left under mysterious circumstances before she was five. Esry took up the mandolin to feel closer to him. She and her human mother were very close and lived on the outskirts of a small village. They grew vegetables to sell and Esry hunted in the woods nearby for meat. It was a happy, if simple, life. But it didn’t last. Very suddenly, a bloody flux decimated the village. Overnight, dozens of people were sickened, and many of them did not last out the week. Esry recovered, but her mother did not. Esry buried her behind the house and mourned deeply. A week later, she heard tell of a Seeking for the Philosopher’s Stone, a magical artifact with the ability to bring back the dead and created endless gold. She didn’t really care about the gold part, but she saw a chance to bring her mother back and set off toward the city with her mandolin and an old sword she bought from a local fighter that had taken an arrow to the knee.

As the quest has progressed, she has always been on the lookout for her wayward father. She wasn’t really sure where he had gone and was a bit fuzzy about how he looked, but she felt like she would know him when he saw him. Unfortunately, the first time she saw him, he killed a nearly defenseless elf girl. Delos was one of the champions of the arena and seemed to try to ignore Esry’s shouts of disgust and anger.


The Seeking Emerlee