Race: 1/2 Human 1/2 Kalashtar
Class: Flame of Hope Invoker (Level 14)
Age: 40
Gender: M
Height: 5’ 7"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Gold
Skin: Fair
Languages: Common, Quor, Telepathy 5


Physical/Personality: Geran is laughably short for a Kalashtar, but looks like a miniature one. His long brown hair frames his handsome, angular face and his golden amber eyes shine brightly when he is communicating via telepathy or concentrating hard on a ritual. He is a friendly, warm, and bubbly individual. He is constant seeker of friendship and a loyal companion.

Dress: Geran chooses to dress more modestly than that of his brethren, wearing heavy hide or leather armor. His enchanted Sunleaf Armor is a coat: a dusky brown-grey color, emblazoned with accents of fire red and sun yellow. On the left shoulder, a simplified sun emblem shines brightly, almost mirroring Geran’s sunny demeanor. Since his tattoo has grown, he has taken to discarding his right sleeve entirely, as it is often shredded by radiant blades anyhow. The collar is wide and sits up when fastened for protection from harsh winds and weather. On this collar, a golden brooch with a plain red cross is pinned. The Brooch of No Regrets is his silent tribute to protect his comrades at any cost. He wears close fitting brown pants with a red “tuxedo” stripe running down the side, disappearing into his black leather boots.

Equipment: In regard to gear, Geran travels relatively light as his implement is constantly with him. Perched atop his head, occasionally acting as a headband to keep his long hair in check in high winds, are a pair of brass Eagle Eye Goggles. He only lowers these to increase the accuracy of his Sun Strikes, and possibly to keep himself from being blinded by the radiant light. Around his waist he wears the Life Drinker Dagger, a weapon he found earlier on in the seeking that he chose to keep for emergencies wherein he would be forced to resort to close combat. (This usually is a terrible disaster.) He carries an adventurer’s kit on his back, since rehabbed and replaced frequently due to excessive use in various conditions. He keeps his right hand and arm bare for obvious reasons, but his left hand is gloved in steel and black leather. He doesn’t use it for delivering a nasty punch- it is a Burning Gauntlet, only aiding in his fire conjuration. ( Someone has suggested that he keeps this glove full of vaseline to keep his hand soft for his lady)Geran keeps his ritual book in his pack, chock full of incantations and diagrams for arcane symbols he has not yet memorized.


Geran was born to a Human mother named Lilly and a Kalashtar father named Kafelk in a small Kalashtar community. Geran grew up shy, often teased by his peers for being so short and scrawny. But what he lacked in physical similarity with his brethren, he made up for in uniqueness and charm. But as he approached adulthood, Geran craved more. He was tired of his small-town life and yearned for adventure, new friends, and a purpose in life. He sought the advice of the Kalashtar Mystic, Mevakri, who enchanted his right hand with a pitch black tattoo which in its original form was manifested in several rings around his fingers. This tattoo would serve Geran well as his implement and give him his divine power as it is blessed by il-Yannah, or the Path of Light.

The Tattoo:

The tattoo grows as Geran does, and at level 14 is nearly halfway up his bicep. It is a series of rings, arrows, and dots that patterns his right arm and changes with every level.

At first, Geran was not used to the power his tattoo granted him, and the kick back/force from his own projections caused him to brace his right arm with his left, as if it were a heavy firearm. Now, having adapted to his own abilities, Geran can conjure threatening storms and walls of light with a wave of his palm.

The tattoo has since been blessed further with a special enchantment: The Blessing of the Blazing Fangs, which manifests itself in two sharp barbs near the wrist for additional fire power.

The Seeking:

Feeling somewhat confident, Geran sought adventure in Blackroot to join the Philosopher’s Stone seeking. There he met Harrison and immediately befriended him, as is Geran’s way. As the proceedings got under way, Harrison went missing and Geran met a different group, intent on finding his new acquaintance. Instead, he found 4 new ones who would become his fellow adventurers and best of friends.

Geran’s motivation for finding the Philosopher’s stone is somewhat ambiguous, as he has not quite divulged if he has any personal reasons or benefits from its discovery.

After leagues of undead, dragons, insane wizards, a blood god, putting an entire pyramid in a bureau, and getting frosted with bone dust, Geran slowly grew up, becoming more confident in his abilities and himself as well as developing intense loyalty to his party.

Since he possesses half a Quori spirit, Geran was born a telepath and is gifted with other psychic prowesses. Geran often uses his telepathic voice to address his party as well as enemies and strangers. His intimidation tactics sometimes fall flat, though. Geran can now sense the passing thoughts of nearby creatures, a result of honing his skills throughout the journey.

Geran is a prime candidate for Flame of Hope status because he seeks to protect his comrades and give them inspiration in battle.

The Others:

Geran’s relationships with his fellow adventurers has changed and blossomed throughout their time together.

Esry Geran always saw Esry as approachable from the beginning, she is friendly and warm like he is, and easy to get along with. He still finds her easy to talk to or share thoughts with and admires her way with words that no one else in the party possesses. He regards her as some type of sibling, as they are both half-breeds and are similar in demeanor. Esry also encouraged the budding romance between Frey and Geran, which he was glad for, yet embarrassed him greatly.

Daman Geran was initially put off by Daman’s insistence that he was only in the seeking for the bounty. Geran sought adventure and camaraderie, and found Daman awfully difficult to befriend. Daman often shuts down Geran’s optimism with a sharp-tongued retort, but Geran remains steadfast in his yearning to be liked by the tiefling. However, he is mostly convinced that Daman merely tolerates him.

Frey Geran was at first extremely intimidated by Frey. Her muteness, frosty nature, and general ferocity made Geran very apprehensive about showing her his true happy-go-lucky self. Regardless, Geran admired Frey greatly for her strength, agility, and sheer battle prowess. Geran was always the first to root for Frey when she landed a particularly epic blow upon an enemy. While he has always been fond of her due to sheer admiration, it took going to a fancy-dress-ball thrown by a king for Geran to see that Frey was not only a capable war machine, but a lovely lady as well. Being presented with an opportunity to woo her, Geran did the exact opposite by clamming up and not speaking to her for most of the evening. While Frey wondered what was wrong with her, Geran was secretly pining and sweating and generally blowing it. But after a particularly touching speech by Frey, it was revealed that the admiration Geran had for her was mutual. Also she totally kissed him and omg.

Harkin Geran always found Harkin too brash to get close to. He was always running into things and not giving them enough careful consideration in Geran’s opinion, which usually led to putting them all in a tight spot. Geran was never afraid to fight for his friends, but secretly wished he didn’t ALWAYS have to fight for his friends. Regardless, Geran looks at Harkin as the lovable brute of the group, and isn’t afraid to have a laugh or two at his expense. Geran has also been a continual source of entertainment for Harkin, being “the fire guy”. Harkin often requested that Geran set fire to things, often in legitimate circumstances and sometimes just for his amusement.

Gamlock Geran was thrilled to have another joining their traveling group- but is otherwise mostly unacquainted with the dwarf. Geran often tries to include Gamlock in on his telepathic joking or comments, but only gets glares and admonishments from the newcomer. In essence, he’s relatively certain Gamlock doesn’t care much for him. Lately, Gamlock has been running off unattended and leading the group into strenuous battles with unexplained fervor. Geran is somewhat annoyed that Gamlock is not only often running off, but putting everyone in danger. After it was finally explained and revealed that Gamlock was in search of the avatar of flame™, Geran supported Gamlock in his quest. When the avatar finally was awakened in battle as a fiery colossus, Geran respected Gamlock even more.

Harrison Harrison was friends with Geran briefly before his lips got cut off.

Solessa Din Taaros Solessa’s tenure with the group has been brief, but not without excitement. She had no qualms about jumping in and lending a hand in the many battles that have happened since their meeting. But when Solessa was able to speak to Geran’s mind he nearly jumped out of his skin. Another telepath! Who knew. Solessa claims to have trained under a Kalashtar elder, but other than that, that’s all Geran knows.


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