The Seeking

Cleaning House

The party is victorious! After a protracted battle with Custodians, Gladiators, Blademasters, and an undead challenger named Angban Sommos they party emerged drained of powers and exhausted, but little the worse for wear.

After initial skirmishing through the doorway where Esry was dropped to the floor multiple times and stabbed repeatedly, Harkin opened up another front by teleporting into the middle of the melee. Blademasters were no match for Harkin’s fighting prowess and armor, and Geran laid down supporting fire and healing zones. Gamlock helped everyone recover from the brutal unholy flames of Angban and blocked the doorway with Blade Barrier. Esry moved enemies in and out of the damaging zones, allowing Daman to get some well-placed backstabs off.

The question is, now, what will happen when the rest of the palace’s inhabitants find out?



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