The Seeking

Wherein the Party Starves

After their exploits with the Bard’s Guild, the party finds themselves quite peckish and go back to the Gay Unicorn to get some Leggalamb and drinks. Unfortunately, with a change in management comes a noticeable change in quality of service as Geran gets a practically inedible drumstick and Esry just straight up never even gets her food. It was like T.G.I. Friday’s, except less Guy Fieri and more douchebag who took over for Merrill.

While dining waiting for their food, the party discusses what to do next. Seeing as they are broke, the 10 gold fee for a simple audition is no small potatoes. Gamlock nearly volunteers the money right away, but after thinking about it, spawns a discussion on whether they should even care about this Bard’s Guild in the first place. After all, there’s this Blood God that’s trying to enter their plane to dominate the mortal realm or whatever, but what about their reputation? The group begins to come to a near consensus about this, until Frey hatches up a devious scheme.

The idea is that, since Geran has a bunch of assassins on his trail, Esry could score a spot in the guild and basically advertise that he’s in Fallcrest, right now, and he’s a kalashtar and that any assassins who are looking to wipe kalashtars out from all of existence should take note and find Geran and kill him, because he’s right there! The kicker is that Geran would be not in Fallcrest, and the rest of the party would take out all these well-trained killing machines with hopefully no problem, and then Geran is safe once again, which would make searching for dragons and, by extension, their search for the Philosopher’s Stone a lot less stressful. Thinking this is just a grand idea with no way that it could play out negatively, the party comes to an accord that this is their actual plan of action they decided on, and when you write it out all at once it just seems a bit silly, doesn’t it, like there is probably some kind of easier, less dangerouEventually, satisfied, the party retires to the room, less Esry, who actually went out and got some decent food and brought it back, much to the delight of the rest of the group.

The next day, it was time for Esry’s audition. For their plan to work, they need as many people as possible to hear her song about how Geran doesn’t even like assassins’ grandmothers’ cooking, and also if you have a beef with that you should hang out in Fallcrest for a while so you can bump into stab him. So they go about promoting Esry’s performance and actually do a pretty decent job, given the turnout that they managed to scrounge up.

Esry decided to open her set with her brand new club-banger “Geran is a Kalashtar (and He’s Here in Fallcrest) (Genocide Remix),” which, based off the crowd reaction, was a risky move, if not a bit controversial due to the song’s subject matter. It certainly had them talking through the intermission, anyway. Frey quickly realized what is probably the first of myriad flaws in their plan early on in the tune, trying to hide Geran’s identity by cuddling him into oblivion.

The second song Esry chose to perform was a little more standard fare, incredibly well-performed and well-received. For the second intermission, Gamlock decided to go talk to the dwarves he’d goaded into coming to the performance, only to find that they don’t seem to be all that friendly. Almost creepily motivated by rare gemstones and jewels, they proved to not be much for light conversation, though Gamlock did manage to strangle out that they came from a clan called the Bloodstones, a tribe known for their fierce barbarian warriors. The clan had been flourishing and had thus begun to expand in hopes of finding trade partners and allies. All the same, the dwarves seemed pretty suspicious, which, like, why is Fallcrest so filled with jerks and suspicious types all of a sudden? You leave for like, two years and come back to find it’s overrun with weirdos, and they’re just ruining everything.

The third part of Esry’s audition performance is about to begin, and despite how well it’s going, there’s still an air of tension in the… air. Something’s about to go down.



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